Diethelm & Famulari – The Flyer (Switzerland-1984) [ProgRock] @320

8 03 2007

CrimsonKing note: The album “The Flyer” is the CD version of their first self-titled album.

Highly technical acoustic guitarist Thomas Diethelm joined with imaginative keyboards and piano player Santino Famulari to form the Swiss duo Diethelm/Famulari in 1982. Although they disbanded in 1984, their fluid, jazz-influenced albums — Diethelm/Famulari, Valleys in My Head, and The Flyer — continued to inspire a new generation of Swiss instrumentalists.
Diethelm/Famulari worked with several distinctive drummer/percussionist during the two years that they were together. While India-born percussionist Trilok Gurtu added an Eastern slant to their self-titled debut album, the more jazz-influenced drummer Fritz Hauser was featured on the duo’s second outing, Valleys in My Head.
Acoustic guitarist Diethelm utilized a variety of gadgetry, including delays, harmonizers, and flangers, to enhance the sound of his instrument’s nylon strings.
-Craig Harris, All Music Guide-

The Swiss duo of Thomas Diethelm and Santino Famulari create some of the most unique and refreshing sounding music, while still being relatively accessible. The core of the sound is created by Diethelm, who plays acoustic guitars with various delays, harmonizers and flangers as an integral part of his technique, and Famulari on keyboards and piano. As I listen I’m often reminded of Führs and Fröhling, but what D/F are doing is a bit more jazzy and less spacey and meditative. The guitar-delay-harmonizer thing is pretty unique, I can’t really say I’ve ever heard anyone else utilizing it to this extent.
-New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock-

Thomas Diethelm: acoustic guitars
Santino Famulari: Keyboards
Trilok Gurtu: Percussions

01 – The Flyer (9:28) (Sample in right panel)
02 – Full Moon (4:11)
03 – Basta! (3:55)
04 – Old Torero (2:46)
05 – Masquerade (7:39)
06 – Deep Green (3:29)
07 – Too Late (3:47)

(Covers included)




5 responses

9 03 2007

At first I thought I didn’t know this one, until I heard the first track. It’s a quite familiar tune, but I have never known who it belonged to. Now I do. It’s a terrific album. Thanx.


10 03 2007

Great blog. thanks.

10 03 2007

Nice choice, I love this album!


11 03 2007

Thanks for all.
Really, I love this record .

28 03 2007

I have this on an LP which
I bought after seeing them
on Dutch television.
I didn’t even know a
CD release existed.

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